வியாழன், 15 பிப்ரவரி, 2018

Karnataka Circle Conference 11-2-2018

Karnataka Circle Conference was held in RTTC auditorium, Mysore on 11-2-2018 in a grand manner. More than 400 comrades from all parts of the Circle attended it.
Com. P Gangadhara Rao and Com. R Changappa are re elected as

Circle President and Circle Secretary. 
Com. S Ganeshan is the new Treasurer.

Comrades P S Ramankutty, D Gopalakrishnan, G Natarajan, T S Vittoban and V Rama Rao participated in the conference on behalf of CHQ in addition to Com. G Babu (VP), Com. P Gangadhara Rao (DGS) and Com. K G Deshpande (OS) who hail from Karnataka Circle. Com. Varaprasad, Circle Secretary of AP circle also attended it. Shri K L Jairam, PGMT, Mysore addressed the Open Session. 

All India Central Working Committee

Dear Comrades,
All India Central Working Committee Meeting will be conducted on 

April 16th and 17th 
at RGM TTC, ( Opposite to Chennai Old Airport) Meenambakkam, Chennai 27. CHQ office bearers are requested to reserve their tickets well in advance.
For any enquiries Please Contact

சனி, 10 பிப்ரவரி, 2018

We will reach heights
Thank you for our leaders and CONFIDENT followers

Today, I have received a list of 64 life members from Bangalore. So far I received 1606 names of life Members from Bangalore city 

Reacting to our posting of yesterday and day before, regarding life membership in Bangalore etc, Com. Narasimhan, District Secretary of Hyderabad intimated us that the life membership in Hyderabad District is now 1595 and it will cross 1600 very soon. It is another inspiring news. We have Madurai in Tamilnadu with the highest membership in the entire country. Madurai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Ernakulam are the four major branches with more than 1500 membership. 

There is great improvement of Life membership in Bijapur, Hubli, Kolar, Mangalore, Shimoga and Tumkur Districts also. 
It is not just competition. The growth reflects dedicated work by our active leaders and the confidence of BSNL pensioners in a vibrant organization, vigorously pursing the issues of pensioners. 
I am quite excited to note very commendable increase in the life membership of some branches during the last 6-9 months. I have already mentioned few instances earlier. Now, I wish to mention the following also
Sambalpur: Nine months back, It was 220. Now it is increased to 300. 100% Life membership.
Pondicherry: It is increased from 140 to 266.
Meerut: It is increased from 193 to 353.
Hyderabad: There is wonderful increase from 733 to 1344.
UP West Circle has marked increase from 268 to 762.

புதன், 7 பிப்ரவரி, 2018

       AIBSNLPWA  சிதம்பரம் பகுதி  மாதாந்திரக்கூட்டம் 7-2-2018

தோழர் தக்ஷிணாமூர்த்தி தலைமையில்AIBSNLPWA  சிதம்பரம் பகுதி  மாதாந்திரக்கூட்டம் 7-2-2018 அன்று காலை 10 மணி அளவில் நடைபெற்றது.தோழர் K.லக்ஷ்மிநாராயணன் வரவேற்றார்.பகுதி ஒருங்கிணைப்பாளர் A.ஜெயகுமார் ,மாவட்டசெயலர் N.திருஞானம் உரையாற்றினார்கள்.தோழர் இஸ்மாயில் நன்றி கூறி கூட்டம் நிறைவடைந்தது.

ஞாயிறு, 4 பிப்ரவரி, 2018

AIBSNLPWA  விழுப்புரம் பகுதி  புதிய அலுவலகம் திறப்பும்,மாதாந்திரக்கூட்டமும் 4-2-2018
புதிய அலுவலக பெயர்பலகையை தோழர் ஜெயபால் திறந்து வைத்தார்
CTTC சென்னையில் ஒய்வுபெறப்போகும் தோழர் செல்வராஜ் அவர்கள் 5500 ரூபாய் செலவில் தான் அளித்த அழகான நிலை அலமாரியை திறந்து வைத்தார்.

தோழர் செல்வராஜ்  அவர்களுக்கு பொன்னாடை போற்றி,பரிசளித்து கவுரவிக்கப்பட்டார்.

கூட்டத்தினை தோழர் ஜெயபால் அவர்கள் தலைமை தாங்கி நடத்திக் கொடுத்தார். விழுப்புரம்பகுதி  செயலர் தோழர்  வீரமணி இந்தபுதிய அலுவலக திறப்புக்கு பங்களித்த தோழர்களை பாராட்டி பேசினார்.தோழர்கள் துரைபாபு ,ஜோவெற்றி  அவர்களும்   சிறப்புரை ஆற்றினர்.முன்னணி தோழர்களும் தற்போதைய பிரச்னைகளின் தாக்கத்தையும்,சந்தகேகங்களையும் விவாதித்தனர். மாநிலச்  சங்கத்தின் சார்பாக K.ரவீந்திரன் கலந்துக்கொண்டு தற்போதைய நிகழ்வுகளையும்,நமது தலைமை எடுத்துவரும் முயற்ச்சிகளையும்,உழைப்பினையும்  எடுத்துக் காட்டி பேசினார்.

இந்த நாள்  வெகுவான கல்யாணநாளாக இருந்தாலும் பல்வேறு வேலைக்கிடையிலும் நிறைய தோழர்களும்,தோழியர்களும் கலந்துக்கொண்டு சிறப்பித்தனர்.
This is regarding our yesterday’s posting,
regarding the two cases we propose to file before CAT, Ernakulam.
I have received number of anxious calls from our comrades of different stations.
..1.. .Nobody has any doubt about the first case.

Our pension was revised with 78.2% IDR. 
It is done notionally from 1-1-2007 to 9-6-1013.
And actual payment was made from 10-6-2013. 

Why 10-6-2013? Because of the DoT order consequent upon the agreement made by BSNL staff unions and BSNL management in 2013.

Pensioners are not party to the agreement. We want that the date of actual Pension revision with 78.2 should be 01-01-2007, not 10-6-2013. Financial condition of BSNL is not relevant to our Pension Revision. 

One case is already filed by another Association before Principal bench of CAT, New Delhi. Another case is being filed before Supreme Court directly.If the Supreme Court rejects the case on MERIT, then that is the end of their fight.

Let us hope that Supreme Court will not reject the application.Pensioners have raised a just demand. Judges with judicious mind will not reject.The principal bench and different benches of CAT have equal status.Only difference is that anybody from any part of India can approach Principal bench.But those who are staying within its jurisdiction only can approach a particular bench of CAT in states. 

There is no difference between CAT Chennai or CAT Ernakulam or CAT Chandigarh. So, only those who reside in Kerala can approach CAT Ernakulam.If others are there as applicants, then the case can be rejected at admission stage itself. 
At first stage, we will try to get a favourable verdict from CAT Ernakulam and then try to get it extended to others. The legal fight in this matter is just begun. We should keep the lists of all other Circles ready.So. Continue the data collection.Hardly 25% branches have sent the list to CHQ.We cannot wait till 100% lists reach CHQ.

The other case is for getting pension at 50% of LPD.After the sixth CPC report, the pension is granted at 50% of Last Pay Drawn for those who retired on or after 1-1-2006 on completion of ten years of service. 

But, those who retired before 1-1-2006, pension was granted 50% of last 10 months’ average pay and that too after completion of 33 years of service.Otherwise it is pro rata pension. 

Recently Central government granted a new formulation for pension revision of CDA pensioners.Even a person retired in 1982, gets his last pay drawn revised again and again notionally based on fitment formulae suggested by IV CPC, V CPC, VI CPC and VII CPC. 

Then his pension is re-fixed at 50% of the notionally revised Basic Pay from 1-1-2016.In other sense, all the central pensioners, retired before 2006 also get the benefit of Last Pay Drawn in pension.
But it is not extended to BSNL retirees. Department of Telecom is not prepared to look into our demand.Court Case is the last resort.It is time consuming, no doubt.But, situation in Kerala CAT is bit better.

Hence we have decided to approach CAT Ernakulam first.The Advocate Mr Sreeraj is sympathetic to pensioners. We have a Legal committee at Ernakulam to help our Association in legal matters also.Let us hope the best.Let us try. TRY, TRY and TRY….. ... 
31.01.2018 ன்று பணி ஓய்வு பெற்ற 
 நமது தோழர்கள்